The Capital City Boards Up for Hurricane Ivan

Hurricane Ivan may be heading west of the capital city, but several residents and businesses are still boarding up as well as getting powered up.

Tallahasseeans say after they saw what Tropical Storm Frances did they don't want to be left in the dark. Hurricane Ivan has Tallahasseeans grabbing up generators at Mulvaney's on Thomasville Road, but it comes with a price; not just dollars, but time.

Carol Musco, who lost power with Tropical Storm Frances, says it's worth the wait.

Carol says, “They said they have a limited supply and that it was first come, first serve, so I came down to stand in line and hope to get one.”

One by one a security guard waved in customers with employees working 15 days straight to meet the need. Meanwhile, businesses in Tallahassee are boarding up.

Mickey Mitchell, General Manager of Haverty's furniture, says, “It's customers, employees are our first concern and then of course, assets.”

Haverty's General Manager Mickey Mitchell says the company's headquarters in Atlanta have been keeping their eye on Hurricane Ivan.

“We have conference calls every 12 hours to review changes in weather. [It’s] best to be safe than sorry.”

Mitchell says damage to other Haverty’s chains in Florida's peninsula has heightened their response to hurricane threats.