Operation Lifesaver

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Peach State leaders rode the rails during a special train ride for "Operation Lifesaver."

We unfortunately hear about it more often than many would like, a collision between a train and a motor vehicle.

Richard McIntyre, a train expert, says, "There's nothing that they can do when a car veers in front of the train. We cannot steer out of the way. We are guided by the rails and of course if we make an impact it’s hard on the crew."

With an important stop in Valdosta, Operation Lifesaver is taking folks on the educational ride of their lives, and their lives are exactly what Lifesaver leaders are looking to save.

State officials are already in the train taking part in yet another step in the education process. Operation Lifesaver officials say this type of education is so important because it gives these leaders hands-on experience with these types of accidents.

McIntyre adds, "We have a camera loaded in the locomotive on the head end and in each car we have a monitor so that the passengers on this train can actually view what the crew sees as we are traveling down the track."

What many folks may not realize is how dangerous railroad crossings can be.

Jennie Glasgow, Georgia Operation Lifesaver coordinator, says, "Georgia always ranks in the top 10 states for the highest number of collisions between trains and motor vehicles."

The mayor also supported Operation Lifesaver's efforts by proclaiming September 14 Operation Lifesaver Day in the Azalea City. Operation Lifesaver is a nationwide, non-profit education program dedicated to saving lives and preventing railroad crossing injuries.