New Facebook Feature Uses Cell Phone's GPS to Track Exact Location

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It's a website that has revolutionized the social networking world. It's a place to connect with friends and find events around town, or even a date.

"I just talk to friends and status updates and emails and share videos and stuff," said Megan Kornegay.

But a new feature on facebook could put you or your family in danger. Facebook Places allows users to "check in" to locations using the GPS on their mobile phones to let others on the site know where they go.

"It's pretty cool just cause like you can see where your friends are, what they are doing, in case you can't get a hold of them," said Nico Pepia.

It shows a map of where the place is located and a list of your friends who are there as well. Law enforcement officers say the feature would be useful if they were searching for a missing person, but otherwise, they say it leaves you vulnerable to crime.

"That would be kind of scary, you wouldn't someone to be able to just come find you at a place, I wouldn't like that," said Megan Kornegay.

"I mean you are already telling people you are away from your house and now they can come and rob you if they really want," said Brooke Shidler-Latttz.

Facebook's website says the feature is only available to certain web-enabled smart phones and that it will never update your location automatically .However, unless you change your privacy settings, your friends can tag you in locations as well.

To disable the feature, log on to your facebook account and click on Privacy Settings." Where it says "places" make sure you change it so that only your friends or yourself can view it. Underneath that, make sure to un-check the box where it allows your friends to tag you at a location.

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