Gonna Getcha

Eyewitness News ran into several people who say they've been calling B&W's Kool Kash and getting no answer, and Tuesday's visit to the business was also in vain.

Jami Taylor says, "Today I came to check on a bill that I had to pay Friday. I came Friday but they were closed."

They were closed because Kool Kash is one of five businesses in Decatur County that was issued search warrants by the Sheriff's Office and Bainbridge police. The owners were told to shut down for operating illegally.

Joe Mulholland says, "These companies were charging up to 900 percent interest in violation of law, which is 16 percent. They were loan sharks."

Randall Pippins says, "I didn't realize the rates were that high. That's unfair, very unfair to the people who need to get cash immediately."

Cash to You was issued a warrant Friday, but remained open. Employees declined comment and claim they don't issue pay day loans. They only deal with Internet services.

Mulholland adds, "These companies purposely set up shams, transactions with these folks, what they call ‘rent a banks.’ They offer Internet access for $500 for a month. They basically set up anyway to get around the law."

Pippins says, "If that's the case, 900 percent interest, I think they should be closed."

Mulholland says they will be. He plans to protect the community from getting trapped in a web of deceit through illegal operations.