Ivan Edges Closer to Gulf

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The eye of Hurricane Ivan is now just 170 miles south of Pensacola and heading north. Hurricane winds are reaching out 105 miles an hour.

With the storm moving at 14 miles per hour, it won't be long before the Mississippi, Alabama and Florida coastlines begin to take a pounding. Tropical storm force winds of 39 miles per hour or greater are extending 290 miles.

Top sustained winds are 135 miles per hour.

Dauphin Island is getting gusts of 40 miles per hour.

A weather station buoy at Southwest Pass, Louisiana is getting sustained winds of 59 miles per hour.

Landfall of the eye is expected sometime early Thursday.

Rainfall is picking up and is expected to get heavier with each hour.

Forecasters say an expected storm surge of 10 to 16 feet will likely be more dangerous than the wind. A storm surge is when the ocean rises up, rushes ashore and then sucks back out to sea everything that it has knocked down.

Ivan centered at latitude 27.8 north, longitude 88.2 west.