Judge Again Orders Nader off Florida's Ballot

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Circuit Judge P. Kevin Davey for the second time ordered today that Nader's name be removed from the November ballot. The judge says that the Reform Party isn't a legitimate party under state law. He also ordered that four counties that have already mailed absentee ballots listing Nader send out amended ballots without his name.

His ruling overturns a stay of his order that was automatically issued when Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood appealed Davey's original ruling. The state Supreme Court has scheduled a Friday hearing on the appeal.

The state Democratic Party is suing to keep Nader off the ballot. It argues that the Reform Party is no longer a legitimate national party and that Florida election laws requiring minor candidates to qualify by petition or through a nominating convention weren't followed.

Most Democrats and many Republicans agree that Nader's presence on the 2000 ballot as the Green Party candidate cost Al Gore the presidency.