Construction Destruction?

Frank Richardson works with Turner Heritage homes. He says recently things have not been going according to plan.

Frank says, "Materials are a little tighter these days with materials being sent to south Florida and central Florida due to the last few storms we've had."

He admits calling his suppliers this week to ensure supplies would be delivered on schedule.

Richardson adds, "Material shortages could hit. If it does we're going to do the best we can to deal with it and try to get our homes built and delivered on time."

Richardson says most major homebuilders commonly deal with contract-oriented suppliers, not retail suppliers.

Cliff Thomas with Home Depot says they sell materials to many of the smaller homebuilders. The problems they've had recently have been issues of transportation.

Cliff says, "There's been a backlog of trucks where people are sending their trucks and things of that nature."

It’s creating delays and throwing a wrench into the plans of local homebuilders.

Cliff adds, "And then go over to Mobile. Their trucks, their routes are really pressed, really stressed."

David Broussard with Leeds building products says materials are actually coming in as fast as they're going out.

David says, "A lot of it comes from in state, but a lot of it comes from out of state and that creates a transportation problem trying to get material in to the state for other areas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, what have you."

Richardson with Turner Heritage says as of right now the problems associated with the storm are not as bad as they could be.