Gasoline Supplies Still Plentiful Despite Tropical Weather

Gasoline is still available for local residents. The pumps are still crowded, but those filling up aren't concerned.

Buela Swann, evacuating from Pensacola, says, "We didn't worry, we worried about the traffic, but we did fine."

Marilyn Swann, also evacuating from Pensacola, adds, "We didn't know what to expect with gas, really."

That's because of last week’s rumor about a gas rationing system going into effect. That of course was false last week, and petroleum experts say there is still no need to worry.

Jim Smith of the Florida Petroleum and Marketer's Association says, "Just buy gas when you normally do, our supplies are fine."

Jim Smith is the president of the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association and says our area is in good shape because they have several options for shipping gas.

Jim adds, "Here in Tallahassee we have the benefit of being very close to the Bainbridge terminal in Georgia that is consistently fueled by a pipeline."

Smith says it's been a tough month for Florida, but despite three hurricanes, the state could soon be back to normal.

Smith adds, "We're probably, if Jeanne does not hit and Ivan passes the way it passes, we're probably 10 days away from being back to normal levels."

A final message from petroleum experts is fuel away! From its gas supplies, the state has enough gas in storage to last at least five days and there have also been no shortages reported in Georgia.