Citizens; Officers Recognized For Bravery

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Dozens of residents and law enforcement officers filled the Marzuq Shrine Center Thursday. Tallahassee Police Department recognized residents for their vigilant efforts to help stop law violators and save lives. One man was honored for helping stop a drunk driver.

"Just concerned about the way the driver was driving. I knew he was gone hurt someone. He was in both lanes on the median back and forth. Having children and just worried about the citizens and him harming someone," said Johnny Craig, Police Service Award Recipient.

Thirty-seven awards were given to officers for bravery, merit and life saving. Eight awards were given to residents for their vigilance. The award recipients are as follows:

Police Service (Citizens):
- Johnny Craig
- Christopher King
- James and Kyndra Light
- Joshua Nichols
- Floyd and Eileen Self
- Clint and Melissa Sibille
- Leon and Alia William
- Tanner Wilson

Merit Award (Officers):
- Mike Abbey
- Calvin Bedenbaugh
- Scott Cherry
- Chandra Dawson
- Brent Edwards (2)
- William Faust
- Lee Fuller
- Mel Gaston
- Chris Guerreo
- Emily Hillman
- Steven Harriett
- Woody Kerce (2)
- Logan Lane
- David McKenna
- Mike Petroczky (2)

Life Saving Award (Officers):
- Joseph Azevedo
- Lyle Ottley

Bravery Award (Officers):
- Michael Medina
- Scott Cherry
- Mike Abbey
- David Ferrell
- Lawrence Revell
- James Martinez
- Rob Wright

Unit Award (Officers):
- Unit Teleserve
- Sharon Walker-Starling
- Shirley Bryant
- Sgt. Abbey's Squad
- Logan Lane
- Ridk Sapiera
- Katheryn Rowan
- Derrick Braxton
- Jon Schulze
- Jerry Megna

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