Tallahassee Shelters Make Room for Pets

More than 200 evacuees were "holding tight" at Chiles High School in Leon County Thursday, anxious to head home but fearful for what they may find, and families who have been there for days are simply waiting for the green light to travel.

It's now a game of waiting for evacuees at Chiles High School, passing the time in every way to see what hand Hurricane Ivan dealt them. Some families are dealing with more than you can imagine.

Philip Heaton, who evacuated from Foley, AL, says about his son, “He's gotta have a kidney transplant, he takes 11 different medications, of course we have his medications.”

The winds outside didn't create much of a calming effect, but in all of this a unique service was providing some smiles.

A Pensacola pet owner fears his house is gone, yet the safety of his Chihuahua is his first concern, and that's the case for many of these families as they hold onto what they know they still have.

Leon County has consolidated its shelters. Thursday afternoon, Red Cross workers say less than 100 evacuees are still here. All evacuees will now be housed at the Church of Latter Day Saints on Thomasville Road.