Ivan and its Effect on Blountstown

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The debris resembled an explosion; a television sits in a pile of rubble, its screen unbroken while a nearby microwave is missing its door.

Three vehicles are parked at the pad of what used to be a mobile home. It was picked up and then carried several hundred yards and now rests on the other side of the road. Everyone inside perished as the frame of the mobile home wrapped around a once large, but now splintered tree.

Jaunice Johnson lives in the compound. She had left to take her mother to a special needs shelter at the local hospital.

Jaunice says, "When I called the windows were blowing out of my house, and my neighbors were calling for help, and my brother was the first one there. I called the Sheriff’s Department from the hospital and the next thing I knew they were all coming to the hospital, severely injured or deceased."

At least four mobile homes were destroyed. Neighbor Wannie Abbot says the ordeal lasted no more than three minutes.

Wannie says, "We were extremely lucky, like I said, other people had a lot worse damage than I had and a lot of people lost their lives, so I feel extremely lucky."

Abbot credits news reports with saving his life by sending him to the safety of his bathtub, but from the total destruction just a few hundred yards away, nothing short of being somewhere else could have saved those who died.