Jelly Bean Math

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One local teacher has given a whole new meaning to "sweet tooth.”

"If this doesn't qualify as a stupid human trick on David Letterman, I don't know what does."

Grape jelly, chocolate pudding, sizzling cinnamon, this girl knows them all.

Candler Bennett, a Cook High senior, says, "I thought she was going to miss one for awhile and of course those little combination flavors like strawberry cheesecake, well, she got those too."

After correctly naming every flavor of Jelly Belly jelly bean, Jessica Taylor became Cook High's new jelly bean queen, but there was one bean that almost cost her the title.

Jessica says, "The mango one. He said it was mango, but it tasted like bubblegum, so he tasted it and said, ‘yeah, it's bubblegum.’”

Jessica's teacher believes playing wacky games like "name that bean" gives students a chance to be good at something, which in turn can boost confidence levels.

Dave Rowswell, the Cook High art teacher, says, "I watch kids as they are playing this game and you can see them visualizing the color that comes into their mind. They tell me that it's green and I say, okay what flavor and they answer lime and we go from there."

And if you're thinking naming these flavored beans is no big deal, Candler Bennett adds, "You try to get up there and name 40 beans out of 40 and see how many you get to. I got two whenever I tried."

Jessica says after playing the game she's in no hurry to taste another jelly bean anytime soon. "Name that bean" is one of 10 different games Cook High's art teacher plays to stimulate learning in the classroom.