Leon County Family Spared Tornado's Wrath

No one was hurt and perhaps no one luckier than the Burch family.

Susie Burch said, "Forgive you for your sins and keep us safe just in case. if something happened in the middle of the night."

The Burch family went to bed with that prayer, but at 5:30 a.m. awoke to the sound of freight trains. Ben and Susie grabbed their son Jake and dove into the bathtub. When it was over, sunlight revealed a mile-long line of trees sheared in half, their shed roof ripped off, but their home literally unscathed.

Ben Burch says, I’m very, very fortunate. A lot of people got killed west of us, so yeah, the good lord was looking out for us."

It’s a bizarre testament to the power and randomness of the twister; a bike pedal literally unscrewed from its socket and hurled to the ground 60 yards away.

The Burch family is nervously laughing now that Mother Nature decided to skip them in her furious game of hopscotch. The tornado spun across Highway 90 right near the dam at the Leon-Jefferson line. There is damage on both sides of the highway as far as the eye can see.