Blountstown Tornado Takes Four Lives

A tornado touched down in Blountstown, Florida with deadly force. Four people are confirmed dead in the small town about an hour west of Tallahassee.

Emergency workers in Calhoun County are burning the candle at both ends after a killer storm rips through their small town, taking four lives. Damage was left behind from the whipping winds and howling rains. Now, the damage assessment begins.

Shortly before the midnight hour a monster of a tornado touched down in Calhoun County, clearing fields and tossing homes like children's toys.

Janet Fittinger, a resident, said, "It is unbelievable. God takes care of people; He will take care of us."

By daylight the damage was in full view and four people were dead.

Sonny O'Bryan, director Emergency Management, says, "We have confirmed four people are dead; one is still in ICU, not sure how many more people are injured."

Emergency Management officials estimate 20 to 30 homes were hit by the twister. As an example of the storm’s power, the frame of a mobile home was wrapped around a tree due to the storm picking it up and slamming it.

Officials believe the killer storm was five miles long and half a mile wide, chewing up homes in its path and taking the lives of four people.

Officials say roughly 80 percent of the county is still without power; lines are down everywhere. Crews are out working to bring back the power, and they want to discourage people from getting out and sight seeing because it will hamper the relief efforts.

The names of two of the victims have been released; James and Mary Marshall. Both were corrections officers at a nearby prison.