Jeanne Could Regenerate Once Back Over Open Water

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Forecasters are still watching Tropical Storm Jeanne, saying it has lost some power, but could regenerate and be a threat to Florida or elsewhere in the Southeast.

Jeanne is now centered inland over the northern Dominican Republic, about 140 miles south of Grand Turk Island. Movement is west-northwest at about eight miles an hour, with a turn more to the northwest expected in the next day or so.

Top sustained winds have dropped to 65 miles an hour because of the interaction with land, but experts say Jeanne could regain hurricane strength once back over the water and headed toward the southeastern Bahamas. There's a hurricane warning posted there, with a hurricane watch for the central Bahamas.

One forecast model sends Jeanne inland about at the Florida/Georgia line at midweek next week. Others keep it over open water, but headed toward Florida as yet another hurricane. The official forecast track keeps it offshore early next week.

Jeanne centered at latitude 19.5 north, longitude 71.2 west.