Tallahassee Utility Crews Restore Power

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Hurricane Ivan did not cause any major structural damage in our area, but winds from the storm caused hundreds of Leon County residents to be left without power.

Danny Marshall and his apprentice, Benjamin Nichols, are busy restoring power to several homes in Leon County. Marshall says utility crews have been working 12 to 14 hour shifts to make it a brighter day for utility customers.

Danny says, "In this line of work the satisfaction is pretty instant ‘cause when you click the switch you got lights, so then you feel good about what you've done you've helped your neighbor out and you feel pretty good about what you're doing."

Al Goetchius' home has been without electricity since 8:30 Thursday night, but he was not bothered by the experience.

Al says, "I lived in south Florida and lived through 10 hurricanes, so I'm kinda used to all of us being without electricity or being without water, and you just take it one day at time."

Marshall says though the county did not bear the brunt of the storm, fallen trees from the winds caused the majority of the blackouts. He says during trying times, patience is always a virtue.

City officials say they should have all the lights restored by the end of the evening.