Ivan Victims Get Help From a Local Air Force Base

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Ivan is gone, but its path of destruction and devastation remains. High winds and rain left at least one Florida Air Force base completely destroyed, but the airmen at Moody in Lowndes County already have help on the way.

It took less than 12 hours for the airmen to pack and load a C-130 full of supplies headed to another Air Force base in great need.

CMDR David Carlon with the 347th Civil Engineer Squadron says, "All these people have served over in the Middle East. This is an opportunity to help people at home."

Crews worked throughout the night and into the early morning collecting all the items that would be necessary to complete their mission.

The storm recovery crew took a bunch of items down to Florida, including things like tarps, ropes, nails, nail guns and power tools. Those items stocked the pallets full and are ready to help their neighbors in Florida.

Several of these crew members know firsthand how devastating a hurricane can be and look forward to speeding up Hurlburt Field's recovery process.

Fredrick Belford, a civil engineer, says, "Now's a chance to give to someone else that's in the same position that I've been in several times and it's a good feeling. I know it felt great to have people come help us out and to give back to someone else is just as great."

These airmen say they want those folks at Hurlbert to know help is on the way. The Moody storm recovery crew will be working in Florida for the next week.