Starting Over

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Gordon Ammons picks through the pile of debris that was once his home, looking for any sign of the life he knew while remembering the lives lost.

Gordon says, "We are lucky we can start over. Our neighbors can't, they went with it. I'm sorry for my neighbors."

The deadly storm touched down in Blountstown just before the midnight hour, ripping apart homes and snapping trees like number two pencils. Emergency workers moved in once the storm lifted, unsure of what they would find.

Steve Bailey, a Calhoun County volunteer firefighter, says, "Whole time driving up didn't know the area or which house it was and still wasn't sure until I saw the people hurt. Didn't think we were at the right house."

The pile of rubble is actually two homes; one is a single unit family that had five people inside, the other is a mobile home that was picked up and thrown.

Aubrey Pitt's daughter and her family were pulled from the bottom alive. Unfortunately, the Terry family on top didn't survive, and Friday’s clear skies can't mask the pain or the sorrow surrounding the sacred ground.