Some refugees from Hurricane Ivan are finally on their way home. Even though heading west might be a little slow going at times, folks just want to go home.

Robert Mace says, "[I want to] see if my house is up, see what kind of damage we got and get the wood off the house. We're real anxious to see the damage like everyone else."

The Heaton’s are a family of seven. They're from the other side of Pensacola and unable to leave because of road closures.

"So we're trying to get home, however possible. We're quite anxious. We had family who stayed there. Now, we can't get a hold of anyone," they say.

Others are making phone calls; they're making phone calls to make sure not only that they can get home, but still have one waiting for them.

Prisicilla Heaton says, "It’s been interesting. I just want to go home and I hope all the people we met here, I hope they're safe and well too."