Local Businesses Blame Losses on Power Outages in Bad Weather

Friday night it was business as usual at Gill's Tavern, but just a few hours earlier it was a different story.

Katie Manasa, owner of Gill's Tavern, says, "We did temperature checks on everything in the cooler. We tried to save it with dry ice, but we saw our temperatures going up and up. We lost our entire inventory.”

Katie says nearly $10,000 in meat and other items were lost due to a power outage on Thursday.

Katie adds, "It's a tremendous loss. We are locally owned and operated and we don't have the capital that a lot of corporate chains have, so when we get hit, it's a hard hit, and we don't have a backup, it's out of our pocket."

Manasa says it's monetarily impossible for the restaurant to be closed at any given time.

"We've learned to invest in a generator and not really rely on anyone else like the City of Tallahassee to restore power in a certain amount of time.”

Manasa says of her 15 years in the restaurant business she hasn't had anything happen quite like this. Manasa says all of the spoiled meat has been discarded and the main lesson she's learned from this is to be prepared for the worst when a storm hits.