Hurricane Ivan Impacts

Ivan's remnants have brought heavy rain up the east coast while Alabama and Florida residents recover from the deadly hurricane. Many residents are still without power and are waiting in lines for supplies. Assessing Ivan’s destruction is going to take time, and lots of it.

The hurricane is the deadliest since Floyd struck back in 1999. Search and rescue teams worked relentlessly to save stranded victims. North Carolina's governor applauded the response efforts in his state:

Gov. Mike Easly says, "Hundreds of lives would have been lost had you not rescued them."

More than a million people across 13 states lost power as a result of the hurricane. Officials say it could take weeks for electricity, sewer and water to be restored in Florida still reeling from the effects of three vicious hurricanes in just over a month.

When Ivan hit the United States Thursday, it took a Gulf Coast route targeting Alabama on its way north. This is an example of how strong Ivan was along Orange Beach in Alabama.

A concrete swimming pool was in the ground somewhere before the storm surge picked it up and tossed it in pieces along the beach. Ivan is responsible for at least 42 deaths in the United States.

A dozen people are still missing. The strength of this storm pushed Alabama rescue teams to their limits.

Mike Brown with the Federal Emergency Management Agency said, ”They were having to search in the rafters of homes. This one neighborhood had at a 40 foot surge of tidewater go through and utterly destroyed this neighborhood."

Even after Ivan was downgraded the storm continued to leave its powerful mark as it headed north, causing even more flooding and destruction from Ohio into New England.