Supply Staging Center

All across Florida, hundreds of truckers are waiting for their assignments. Their mission is to get valuable, lifesaving resources to people who need it the most.

One staging area is in Tallahassee. For more than 20 years, truck driver Cliff Cole has been making countrywide deliveries.

"Right now, I'm just waiting to be told where to go," said Cole, a truck driver with Lonestar.

Cole is soon to be on a delivery that's going to help sustain the lives of thousands of displaced people west of Tallahassee.

"Oh yeah, makes you feel great. You're doing something to help out. Lots of drivers are doing the same thing. It just really makes you feel good to help people really in need,” added Cole.

Like Cole, hundreds of truckers are staged at the Tallahassee North Florida Fairgrounds, waiting to be told where to go, their trucks loaded with lifesaving supplies.

Charles Maynard with the Florida Division of Forestry said “Here, we are receiving material, like water, ice, other material, cots, blankets, food, and it comes here for staging and as requests are received we ship them out where they're needed.”

Most of these people at the staging center are weary from working storm after storm.

“That's what we want to do, help people get back to some order,” added Maynard.

All of the truckers currently or soon to be driving the westbound route say it’s easy to keep trucking, knowing their cargo will save lives. There's no official word yet as to when the Tallahassee staging point will be closed. All of the supplies being held there were sent west Saturday.