Coastal Cleanup

This year's coastal cleanup took on a whole new meaning. After Bonnie, Frances and Ivan blew through, there was a whole lot of mess left behind.

You could say it was Mother Nature’s way of pruning the trees. Every bit of green that couldn't stand 50 mile-per-hour winds is now turning brown on the side of the Gulf, where the coastal cleanup crew steps in.

Karen Day, president of Coastal Cleanup, said, “In the St. Marks boat ramp area we cleaned up several several acres there were moved palm tree debris and the lily pads and whatever that was washed up from the river, and we had a great group.”

Even residents who've lived in this area a long time say this year they had more debris than usual.

"I think so, we had a little more to clean up this year than in the past because of recent hurricanes," said Don Henderson, a member of Keep Wakulla Beautiful.

Homes in Panacea remain boarded up and ready for anything else that may come along. In the meantime life on the Gulf goes on. Of course, this area has seen nothing close the disaster left behind in Escambia County.

Locals are glad that they dodged the bullet this time. Cleanup crews say they had around 45 people show up for the cleanup in Saint Marks on Saturday.