Valdosta Celebrates Gay Awareness with 3rd Annual Gay Pride Festival

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All types of people were represented today at the 3rd Annual Gay Pride festival in Valdosta.
Established to promote unity, awareness, and understanding about the gay and transgender residents in south Georgia, the event is brings the community together for a fun-filled day of music, family, and food.

Vendors and visitors alike say they are happy to see an event like this in the Valdosta community.

One of the vendors present wasn't selling anything tangible - she was only trying to spread a message of understanding.

Elke Kennedy's son, Sean, was killed in an anti-gay hate crime over 3 years ago - and since that day, she has been fighting for the rights of all oppressed people through her foundation, "Sean's Last Wish".

Kennedy says, "The more we're out there to speak, I think the bigger difference I can make. The more seeds I can plant in people's hearts...because I believe that we have to change hearts and minds and attitudes...the law alone is not enough."

Festival coordinators say they are happy the event has grown to include people from everywhere - vendors came from as far as Augusta to add motion to the movement of understanding.

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