Heading Home

Evacuees and football fans, they're an unlikely couple, but pair them together and you'll have tens of thousands of visitors found in the capital city this weekend.

They're packing up and moving out, after six days of comfort and air conditioning the O'Brien family must head back to their powerless home on the Gulf and assess the damage.

Elizabeth O'Brien, an evacuee, said, “We've been here since Tuesday. We still don't have electric at our house.”

Hurricane Ivan brought thousands of families to the capital city-but those weren't the only visitors. Tack on the first game for the Seminoles and you'll find a frenzy of football fans. Money, money, money; business owners reaped the benefit, most raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in one weekend.

John McNeill with Bills Bookstore said, “We didn't know who was in the mood for a football game, but it was all and all a good weekend.”

And the best is yet to come; business owners are banking on a bigger weekend ahead when Clemson takes on FSU and when thousands flock to the capital city for a Cher concert.

Another downtown get down is planned this coming weekend when the Tigers take on the Seminoles. Many businesses say football games and the legislative session are their best moneymakers.