Jack Crow Memorial

Monday the Tallahassee community, along with the science and research community, said goodbye to a man that had grabbed their respect as well as their hearts.

Jack Crow, founder of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, was remembered with a special memorial after losing his battle with cancer.

In honor of its founder, flags flew at half staff at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Known as the Mag Lab, it’s also regarded as the house that Jack built.

Dr. T.K. Wetherell, FSU president, says, “Jack sat down and explained to me how we were going to turn this old building into world class facility.”

Jack Crow's vision came true after founding the research center at FSU in 1990, but this month Crow lost his battle with cancer. His family chose the Mag Lab as the sight for his memorial.

Tara Crow Pinheiro, Jack Crow's daughter, says, “He was strength personified and a man who garnered respect from all who knew him.”

Sean Crow, Jack Crow's son, added, “It was especially endearing and comforting to know this rock solid individual needed a towel to cry in while watching the movie Rudy.”

While his family, friends and colleagues watched a video of his life, leaders of the Mag Lab say their mission is clear.

Gregory Boebinger, director of the Mag Lab, says, “To further build on the success of this living legacy of Jack Crow.”

Jack Crow was 65 when he passed away September 3. He is survived by his wife, three children and seven grandchildren.