Water and Food Emergency

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People in Liberty County are learning what it like to survive on bottled water because all water in one community shut off Sunday, and engineers are scrambling to find a fix.

Deep in the heart of Liberty County lies a close-nit community, a place where traffic is never a problem, where the playgrounds are eerily quiet and where folks only have one place to shop, and that gathering place was loaded with business Sunday when the town's only water supply completely shut down.

John Web, a resident, says, “There's just barely a dribble; can't wash clothes anything like that.”

An emergency was issued and reinforcements were brought in. As for the problem, engineers say a burned out motor is to blame. While the cause of the faulty motor is still unknown, if you ask some, it may have had something to do with a downed tree.

Sammy Hanna, Emergency Management director, says, “There was a tornado that hit in the Apalachicola National Forest.”

Hanna says the twister tore through approximately 100 acres. He also says lighting may be the culprit. Whatever the cause, the worst is behind them; the water is flowing again in Sumatra.

Officials say Sumatra residents should prepare Monday for another shut down Tuesday. They will need to turn off the water one last time to fix the problem.