More Money, More Problems?

No one doubts that the job of a police officer can be tough.

Michelle Bono says, "The City of Tallahassee as well as our taxpayers appreciate the job that the Tallahassee Police Department does."

And for that, the city says it wants to be able to pay officers more, but just simply can't afford it.

"The question is how much can this community afford to pay, and that's part of what we're looking at," adds Bono.

The Police Benevolent Association says its local officers deserve more.

Ken Sumpter says, "Our concern is we want to be able to maintain a level of service to our community. Salary attracts your applicant. If we don't maintain a competitive market, we fall back to years where we lost one-third of our agencies."

The PBA wants a four percent yearly raise and over the next three years, a 12 percent hike to the minimum and maximum salaries for officers. The city has countered with a four and a half percent yearly bump, but nothing in the way of changes to the minimum and maximum salaries.

Michelle Bono says, "We continue to negotiate with the officers in good faith."

Ken Sumpter adds, "Officers are very disappointed at the progress over the negotiations. Regardless of the process, it will not affect how we serve our community. We are proud to be Tallahassee police officers."