TCC Opens Quincy House

The grand opening of the Quincy House held Monday night.

One of Wendy Day's good friends told her to stop by the Quincy House, and that there she would get information about the GED program.

"She was like, come out and check out some information on GED and they have other opportunities, so I came out here for that,” explains Day.

Wendy wasn't the only one to come out on Monday, a host of parents, students and teachers in Gadsden County were all curious to see what the Quincy House was about.

"I see it as a good place for my kids because we don't always have use of a place with computers. We need it, and I'm just happy to see it here in Gadsden County for my children,” says Gadsden County parent Delores Fields.

The new center is filled with books, brochures on area colleges and dozens of computers. This extension of Tallahassee Community College will also provide career counseling.

"As the county develops with jobs coming in and companies hopefully locating here, TCC will be able to help the county in training individuals to work at those companies,” Brenda Holt, a Gadsden County teacher explains.

"We want to work with existing organizations and supplement what's already been done out here, and I can already see the community support beginning to develop,” adds Quincy House manager Chris Hansen.

Through the new center, TCC officials hope to strengthen the work force and help increase the number of Gadsden County students who graduate from high school and move on to college.

The Quincy House is located at 216 North Adams Street, right in the heart of downtown Quincy.