Successful System?

Shannon Pifer is a mother of three and dreads ever hearing the news that her children have been abducted.

Shannon says, "I do all I can do to watch my kids and keep them with me at all times, but clearly things happen and so it's good to know there are systems out there to help protect kids in situations like that."

The Wakulla County Sheriff's Office and FDLE are looking for Briana Schultheis. An Amber Alert has gone out for 12-year-old Briana Schultheis who went missing this weekend from Wakulla County. FDLE officials are confident young Briana will be found.

Donna Hodges with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement says, "We've had since August 30th, 2000; 73 activations throughout the state of Florida and these are Amber Alerts. Fourteen recoveries have been due to that Amber activation."

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says since January 2002, their "Levi's Call" has been activated 17 times with 16 successful recoveries. Hodges says aside from the success of the two programs more could be done to increase their effectiveness.

One pitfall Hodges says is money.

"When you're talking radio, you're talking air time and it's like a public service announcement, and that could run into the thousands."

That's why Hodges says flyers are so helpful, especially ones with updated photographs. He says the Internet is also helpful. Officials say these methods of getting the word out are vital to the recovery of a missing child.