You Can "Jet" on It

Continental Airlines recently expanded its offerings in Tallahassee, and that growth may not be done. Continental's president and chief operating officer shared his vision with Valdosta State University business students on Tuesday.

Lawrence W. Kellner, Continental Airlines president and COO, said, "I like the chance to go out where people are studying because you know they are going through a lot of complicated stuff and there's really a simple piece to it, which is: what we are trying to do today and let's make sure we have a clear focus on that and go do it."

The business students who are no strangers to airline travel say it was great to get an insight to how a successful airline has survived the economic problems.

Patrick Kassin, a VSU marketing major, said, "It's great for us up-and-coming business students. There aren't many times you can speak with someone with such knowledge and experience. This is a great opportunity, something to build off of."

One of the most anticipated questions asked of Continental's Kellner was if Valdosta's Regional Airport was ready for a second airline.

Unfortunately, Kellner says it's still a few years away before the south Georgia market can handle competition for the Delta Connection.

Jane Shelton, a Valdosta travel agent, says, "A couple of years, if we have to wait a couple of years, fine, but I would like to see it sooner than that."