Amber Alert Search Continues for Wakulla County Girl

An Amber Alert search for a missing Florida girl continues in Atlanta, Georgia where the FBI believes 12-year-old Briana Schultheis and 30-year-old Raymond Lewis are hiding out.

Briana's mother made a loud cry for her daughter's safe return home to Wakulla County and out of the arms of a sexual offender.

Worry and anger are the emotions felt by Wakulla County residents as they plead for the safe return of Briana Schultheis.

Nora Schultheis, her mother, says, "We'll do anything to help. If you need money it's ok. I'm not mad, I love you baby, just come home."

The 12-year-old went missing Saturday night and authorities believe she's somewhere in Atlanta in the arms of Raymond Lewis, a 30-year-old man with a history of sex crimes on minors.

He befriended the Schultheis family four years ago when they lived in the same neighborhood in Tallahassee. Briana's father even worked with him on occasion, but little could he know what would develop between is daughter and a now known sexual offender.

Nora Schultheis adds, "This man has gotten in my daughter's head, told her awful things and has her believing it."

Briana's mother says her daughter and Lewis even spoke on the phone unbeknownced to her. The Sheriff's Office turned up corresponding letters written between the two. All will be used as evidence.

At the Riversprings Middle School, Briana's artwork hangs on the walls of her classroom. Her teachers and principal still shocked at her disappearance.

Dod Walker, Riversprings principal, says, "She's a good girl, normal 6th grade student."

She’s a good student and great daughter, one her mother wants back in her arms. A $10,000 reward is being offered for anyone with information leading to the capture of Raymond Lewis.

If you know anything call 1-888-FL-MISSING.

The family has not had any contact with their daughter at this point and that's why they're so distraught. Briana's mother believes the two are probably low on money and she says her daughter is not street smart. She's begging for her safe return.