FAMU Board of Trustees Disagree

From press conferences to petitions, FAMU leaders admit there is trouble within their Board of Trustees, but while finger pointing and outcries for the removal of leaders continue to surface, students say they are the ones being hurt.

Robert Flakes, a former FAMU employee, says, “Barney Bishop's allegiance seems to be focused on the president and not Florida A&M University.”

Tuesday's press conference to ask for the removal of a FAMU trustee was just another blow for students that are already fed up.

Adrian Abner, a FAMU sophomore, says, “I hear the Board of Trustees is highly unorganized, that it don't have a sense of direction for the university.”

Most students on this campus are aware of the turmoil as an online petition to remove President Gainous is circling via e-mail.

Torey Alston, a FAMU junior, says, “As a student leader it's clear the campus is split 50/ 50 and as I said before, this is a time to be unified.”

While students say they still love their school they're concerned about how the inner battles of the board and lack of confidence in the president is affecting its reputation.

Adrienne Holland, a FAMU senior, says, “It doesn't help freshmen coming in, it doesn't help people who are looking around and saying what are these black students doing at these HBCUs we hear about. I just wish we could get our act together.”

The FAMU Board of Trustees meeting that was cancelled earlier this month because of Hurricane Ivan. Trustees will meet September 28.