Agencies for the Needy

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Whatever problem people may be facing in Thomas County, Kathy Megahee with "Family Connections" says there's an agency that can help.

Megahee says, "We're talking about illiteracy problems, whether it's rent, we've had several families [who] had problems due to losing work."

William Hammond can attest to the benefit of the agencies. Hammond is from Apalachicola Bay and lost everything during Hurricane Ivan. He has sought refuge at the Abiding Place shelter in Ocklocknee.

William says, "They have provided everything for us, me and my four boys, shelter, food and mostly spirituality."

But for those things, the administrator of Abiding Place can't provide for residents. She attends collaboration meetings with the more than 40 other help agencies of Thomas County.

Zakiyyah Bell-King, administrator at Abiding Place shelter, says, "I let people know what's going on and see if they can help. A lot of times there are more resources that I don't know about that others know about that can help."

Megahee adds, "By working together with these different agencies the burden is not just on one agency, we work together to help solve the problems."

Hammond says he's now found hope to triumph over tragedy thanks to these folks willing to lend a hand.

Megahee says, "Understanding what each agency provides, by building a friendship and working together we can do more."