Tallahassee Police Still Working to Solve Summer Murders

There have been seven murders since June and four remain unsolved, but police revealed Wednesday they have solved one of the most shocking shootings of the summer.

On June 18, 23-year-old Sedrick Washington was shot and killed his car careening into a woman's front yard near the corner of Gibbs and Tenth.

Less than 48 hours later, 25-year-old Oliver Walker was shot and killed in his car on Daniels Street. Police have said all along they were linked, but have now revealed that Walker is the man who shot Washington and promptly paid for it with his life.

LT Mark Wheeler with TPD says, "In his car there were shell casings, the same shell casings from the scene.”

The murder weapon was recovered and confirmed that. Police are still trying to find Walker's killer and three more.

There is still no arrest in the murder of 75-year-old Delia McMillen, whose body was found behind an abandoned car on Tennessee Street.

There has also been no arrest yet in a double murder last week as Jamila Byers and Bryan Dyson were found dead in a car behind the Prince Murat Motel. Homicide investigators insist all of the cases are still being investigated in a summer whose homicides were almost as relentless as its hurricanes.

LT Wheeler adds, "Whether the case is going to be solved or not really depends on a lot of things. To the families I'd say we are putting every resource and diligence possible into solving these crimes."

Victim advocates say while families of murder victims can get frustrated waiting on an arrest and certainly want the killer brought to justice, it doesn't necessarily bring the healing or closure that many expect.