South Georgia Candidates Debate at Lowndes High School

A debate between two Georgia Senate candidates was held at Lowndes High School, and more students are getting the message that their voice matters.

Getting people to the election polls is getting more difficult, but it's become especially hard to attract the youngest voters. That's why candidates for Georgia's 8th District Senate Seat agreed to debate the issues before students at Lowndes High.

Michael Carroll, a Lowndes High junior, says, "We learned a lot about what they want to do and I'm proud we have a state senator who really cares about us and people who want to become senator who care about us as well."

Incumbent Tim Golden and challenger Rusty Griffin clearly defined their differences on the issues which affect these students the most.

Lloyd Carter, a debate panel member, says, "It's fantastic for the students, but even more so for the teachers as well because we've had so many problems in Georgia with the budget cuts and everybody worried about the future of the Hope Scholarship because these students will be going to college before long."

Megan Hunnicutt, a Lowndes High junior, says, "I've become pretty interested in this and I'd like to keep up with stuff, so it's a good opportunity and I’ll certainly keep in touch with the news and politics in the area."

Michael Carroll adds, "I think if they did this a lot more often, many more students would actually see them in person and probably think more highly of them and be more likely to vote."

It would certainly help improve low voter turnout numbers. This will likely be the only school debate between these particular candidates, but others could take part to help reach those young voters.