City of Tallahassee to Drug Test Cab Drivers

The largest taxi cab company in Tallahassee is all for drug testing its drivers, and so are the citizens who utilize the service.

Floyd Web, general manager of Yellow Cab, says, "We think it's a good effort. We're glad to see them undertake it. "

Steven Daniels, who is pro-drug testing, adds, "I think it should be regulated by the state and city. There should be mandatory drug test. I like to know when I get in a cab the guy driving is sober and straight."

For taxi drivers there are some concerns as to who will oversee the drug testing.

Floyd Web adds, "One of the most important things to make it meaningful is the city is going to have to administer it and control the program, like when, where, how and why a drivers gets a drug test and pay for it. If you don't pay for it, you're not in control."

Web says there's another serious concern the new ordinance addresses.

"There are drivers out there who are not certified, don't have the cars inspected. We call them gypsy drivers. This new ordinance will help stop these drivers."

The ordinance is still in the growth stage and hasn't been adopted. Web says once it is, citizens will be safer. In the proposed ordinance, the taxi drivers would be tested when applying for their licenses and again during re-licensing.