FCAT Delays for Schools Affected by the Hurricanes

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Florida's harrowing hurricane season lefts its mark on Sunshine State schools. While some are being excused from class, others aren't.

It's back to business in Leon County schools after dodging three horrendous hurricanes and two days of class.

Carla Cramer, a Chiles High School teacher, says, "The things kids can do at [I] home told them to do so because I figured we would probably be out for the hurricane."

The district applied for a Department of Education waiver to reduce the 180-day requirement. Even though the district has more than the 900 hours required, Gov. Bush has ordered all schools that missed five days or less to make them up.

While teachers bumped back test and assignments because of the storms, the state is pushing back the FCAT. For districts that missed five or less days they'll take the FCAT as planned, those that missed between six and 10 days have an extra week to administer the exam, and districts that missed 11 or more have two additional weeks to give the test, giving students and staff time to settle back into the semester.

Every school district in the state missed at least one day of classes as a result of preparation for or recovery from hurricanes this year.