New Program Helping Seniors Graduate on Schedule

A new program benefits these seniors and the school system overall.

Some Cairo High School seniors admit they got a bit off track in their classwork over the years. Nolan Akins is paying for that now. He's almost a year behind in earned credits required to graduate with his class, but thankfully a new three-day-a-week after school program is allowing him to make up for lost time.

Thomas Pharis with the Grady County Instructional Program says, "Basically, it's a reading elective. Students are learning reading strategies that will help them with their other course work."

One of the reasons Grady County schools did not make AYP last year was because of Cairo High School's low graduation rate. Officials say this program will help boost the numbers for next year.

Pharis says, "The graduation rate is important but we're in the job of working for individual students. Getting those kids to a situation where they can move on is the most important thing from this program."

Sam Brunbley, a senior at Cairo High School, says, "This program allows me to finish high school in December instead of having to go all the way through May. I'm glad it's here."

Brunbley says though he isn't thrilled about adding another two hours to an already long school day, he says it's a sacrifice that's worth every minute.

Students can earn up to 10 credits per year. About eight students will be graduating on time in December thanks to the program.