Enough Already!

Florida State University professor Jim Elsner is watching Hurricane Jeanne’s progress with great interest. A direct hit in Florida would mark the first time in history the state weathered four hurricanes in one season.

Elsner says the viciousness of the weather patterns this year is teaching everyone a lesson.

Jim says, "This season reminds us that hurricanes are unpredictable and they can come in bunches and Floridians need to be prepared."

Florida Community Affairs secretary Thaddeus Cohen is working hard to keep morale up at the state Emergency Operations Center. Many employees have only had a day or two off over the past six weeks, but Cohen says they’re keeping their personal frustrations in perspective.

Thaddeus Cohen says, "When you see the photos of the destruction that occurred, you know at the end of the day there’s folks who are far worse off than we are, so it keeps you focused on the task at hand."

The news that Florida is in the sites of yet another storm was the last thing Jeb Bush wanted to hear, but he pledged to be ready.

Gov. Bush says, "We’ll gather up again and bring back the troops, we’re stretched here in dealing with the recovery in the case of Charley and Frances and the relief efforts that are ongoing and quite difficult as relates to Ivan. To prepare for another storm will stretch our resources, but we have a duty to do this and we will."

The governor is praying Jeanne just blows out to sea.