Valdosta's Colonial Mall to Get Major Expansion

Developers say the $30 million expansion will transform business in the Azalea City. Shoppers will soon have more than 100,000 square feet of new stores to browse through, thanks to a major mall expansion plan announced on Thursday.

Along with the new stores come some 200 new jobs, which have excited folks around south Georgia.

John Hughey, a developer with Colonial Properties, says, "We think it's going to be an exciting addition to the property. It will blend a lifestyle feel to the existing mall, and you can see from the plans it creates a very new look for Colonial Mall Valdosta."

Valdosta Mayor John Fretti says, "It's over 200 jobs that it will generate for our economy, $30 million in new taxable revenue. The list of folks we are looking at to come into our town is very exciting. They want to announce on their own that they are coming to Valdosta, and we'll honor that, but the list of potential shops is very exciting and right in line with what a lot of people here have been asking for."

Work on the new Valdosta mall expansion is slated to start in early 2005.

Hughey adds, "We're finalizing our time table now, but we think it will be about 15 months from start to finish."

Nearly a dozen new stores, hundreds of new jobs and millions of dollars in new sales are all reasons many Valdostans are excited about this expansion project. Valdosta city leaders say expanding the mall will draw more visitors, which will help bring in more sales tax money to help finance local projects.