Jeanne Continues Movement Toward Florida

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Hurricane Jeanne continues its steady movement toward Florida and the northern Bahamas, maintaining strength as it goes.

Jeanne is now centered 255 miles east of Great Abaco Island. Movement remains to the west at a slightly faster 12 miles an hour, with top sustained winds still at about 100 miles an hour. Forecasters say there could be some slow strengthening.

There's a hurricane warning flying in the northwestern Bahamas, with a hurricane watch posted along most of Florida's Atlantic coast. The watch runs from Florida City northward to St. Augustine.

The big question remains just when Jeanne is going to begin its expected turn to the northwest and then north. The center of the official forecast map shows landfall south of Cape Canaveral early Sunday morning, though the wider forecast cone covers an area from South Carolina southward to about the Miami area.

With tropical storm-force winds out from center up to 150 miles, Jeanne will cover a much larger area than just the landfall target. Forecast models vary, with some showing the northward turn before actual landfall, but others show a track across the Florida peninsula before the turn occurs.

With that in mind, the official track shows a turn to the north as Jeanne's center makes landfall, then going up Florida's east coast to the Jacksonville area by Monday morning.

Jeanne centered at latitude 26.3 north, longitude 72.9 west.