Attempted Murder in Madison County

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A Madison County woman severely beaten and left for dead is thanking God and a passing motorist for saving her life. The woman says her estranged husband lured her to a local cemetery and began beating her unconscious.

The woman says her estranged husband asked her to meet him to sign a document, but she never thought anything violent would take place.

Lucretia Jones says last Thursday night she met her estranged husband, Franklin Lee Jones, at a cemetery in Greenville to sign some papers. She says as soon as she got out of the car he began beating her severely and then she says he grabbed a knife with the intent to inflict deadly harm.

Lucretia says, "I remember he hit me and I went straight to the ground and the next thing I remember, I remember the knife coming out of my throat and I remember opening my eyes and looking straight in his eyes when he stuck the knife back in my throat. Then the next thing I remember I was by myself.”

Jones says she was bleeding profusely and stumbled through the graveyard and onto Highway 90 where a passing motorist came to her rescue.

Carolyn Greer, Lucretia's mother, says, "God picked her up and carried her over to that road because he has work for her to do. Frankie had one plan, but God had another because he is the higher one.”

Franklin Lee Jones is now in custody in a Madison County jail.

Sheriff Peter Bucher of the Madison County Sheriff's Office says, "He was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon initially and placed in Madison County Jail. Bond is 150, 000. Since then the charge has been updated to attempted murder due to the injuries."

Jones says she's trying to figure out how a man who says he loves her would want to cause her harm.

Lucretia says, "He cut my throat and left me there to die, and to take me away from my seven-year-old and my four-year-old and leave them without a mom, he didn't care not one bit."

Lucretia says though she's endured so much she's forgiven her husband for this incident but wants him to serve time in prison for his actions.