City of Tallahassee Buildings to Get Efficiency Makeover

The city says it's getting a "honey" of a deal to have all of the buildings renovated to be more cost and energy efficient.

Kevin Madden, sales VP for Honeywell worldwide, says, "It's a performance contract that's been issued by the City of Tallahassee."

Denise Digruccio, the facility management superintendent, adds, "The city is extremely excited. Any time we can initiate a program that allows us to serve our taxpayers in a way that saves them dollars, we're extremely excited."

Mike Mulrennan says, "Very excited. I think it's going to save taxpayers money and make everything more efficient."

Starting this week the city will be contracting with Honeywell to reconstruct more than 50 buildings to make them more energy efficient.

Digruccio adds, "We'll be working with Honeywell to replace air conditioning systems, to help improve the comfort and air quality in our buildings, not only just for us, but for our citizens."

The city says the cost is $4.5 million, but says it will save taxpayers more than $12 million in the long run.

Kevin Madden says, "In actuality from a cost perspective, it’s cost neutral. The savings outweigh the cost, so the benefit to the City of Tallahassee is there will be a positive cash flow."

The city says the first building on the list for construction is the animal shelter. Honeywell says improvements and savings will be seen almost immediately.