Tallahassee Volunteers Help in Ivan Aftermath

A little over a week ago, Hurricane Ivan dealt a devastating blow to Florida's Panhandle. Victims are still picking up the pieces and now relief from Tallahassee is on the way.

With equipment packed tight, Tallahassee volunteers at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are hitting the road bound for Pensacola and Milton.

"When you get into Milton you see roofs off homes flooded and you could see a long line of people trying to get food and water that are just necessities," said volunteer Steven Jowers.

Jowers traveled with over 100 others last weekend to provide aid to dozens of families. The same goal is slated this weekend as some 2,000 members caravan to the destruction zone.

Meanwhile, officers are busy at the Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee as all eyes focus on Jeanne. With a monstrous hurricane season, Florida's governor is asking folks to be patient.

"There's a limit to resources," said Gov. Bush. "I think there's a high expectation without recognizing the logistical challenges that exist."

The more than 200 people that departed the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints hope to help tackle some of these challenges.