Hamilton County Gets Prepared for Tropical Storm Jeanne

As Jeanne continues to barrel its way through north Florida, many folks are prepared to deal with the intense winds and rain.

Donna Davis, a business owner in Hamilton County, said, "We have taken our sign down and laid it on the ground because last time it flipped over and was flopping in the wind. We are trying not to lose it this time."

Even though the eye of Jeanne is still a little ways off, winds from its outer bands let some folks know first hand that the storm is on its way.

Palmer Smith, a Hamilton County resident, said, "It sounded like Iraq bombing us and everyone started running. Then there were the flashes outside. It looked like bombs going off."

Trees falling on power lines and transformers blowing were all just the beginning of Jeanne's visit here.

Harrell Reid, a Hamilton County sheriff, said, "Before we had power outages with some people having no power for up to two weeks. So with the higher winds, we are expecting more trees down and power lines. Power outages for people is a primary concern."

Although tiresome, Donna says she'll do what has to be done to protect herself and business.

Donna Davis, said, "I mean what can you say? It's the weather. It's hard to keep doing this over and over."