A Close Call for a Few Local College Students

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Three local college students are just thankful to be alive after an enormous tree crashed through their house Sunday night. In awe of the aftermath, their families say it was nothing short of a miracle.

The fallen tree looks to be covering an empty lot on 7th Avenue in Tallahassee. It happened around midnight just as 20-year-old TCC student Chris Paulett was falling asleep.

Chris says, “I kind of woke up to this sound. I thought it was lightning hitting the house and it just kept coming, coming and coming.”

The tree had crashed through Chris' bedroom, missing him by inches.

Chris' mom and dad raced to find their son safe, but the thoughts of "what if" were overwhelming.

After the tree missed Chris by a few inches it then fell over the bedroom of another college student who was supposed to be studying, and never was a mother so happy to hear their daughter skipped studying to go dancing.

Susan Boyle says, “The tree is, it's just down in the middle of the bed. She would have been there. She'd still be there if she had been home.”

A third roommate was also unharmed by the tree. The students had just rented the home two months ago. When we last spoke to them, they had not been able to reach the owner.