Tropical Storm Jeanne Causes Flooding in Valdosta

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It’s now Tropical Expression Jeanne and it’s now soaking central Georgia, but before moving north Jeanne did quite a number on Valdosta, the city in our area that came closest to the center of the storm.

Since about 8 p.m. Sunday night, Lowndes County has received more than six and a half inches of rain, and that number is still climbing. All that rain has caused some pretty major flooding problems for many people around here.

Don Alexander knew Jeanne was on its way.

Don says, "Everybody's sound asleep, life is good, then you get this pounding on the door and the Fire Department is there; sirens are going off and people are yelling over a microphone telling you to evacuate."

Don's house on Chadwyck Circle was under water, but Don's house wasn't the only one trying to stay afloat.

Dexter Washington, whose home is under three inches of water, says, "I opened the door and it started gushing. I grabbed towels and called 9-1-1 emergency and asked for some sandbags."

A little ways down the road, people on Jennifer Circle woke up to find a swimming pool in their front yard. County and city officials say they are doing what they can to deal with all that water.

Ralph Catlett, the Valdosta Fire Department Battalion Chief, says, "We're doing everything we can, so as soon as we get another load of sand in here we'll get back to sandbagging and keep going until we get the water out of here."

City firefighters say the flooding is the worst problem facing them right now and that unfortunately most of these areas are just going to have to wait until the storm water system can catch up.

Rain water has completely covered a portion of North Valdosta Road as well as parts of North and South Highway 41. County officials are asking that folks stay off the road until Jeanne completely passes through the area.