Wakulla County Shrimpers Hit Hard by Successive Storms

It was hit or miss in Wakulla County. The majority of residents faired well, but there were those unlucky few who not only lost power and communications, they lost their livelihood.

Tim Williams is busy plugging holes and assessing the damage on his money making vessel, a shrimp boat he's manned for eight years.

For Williams, Hurricane Jeanne left an expensive tab. His $65,000 boat was severely damaged, perhaps beyond repair.

Tim says, "The Gulf Dreamer got on top of mine and busted the side out of it."

Jeanne's fierce winds packed more fury than its storm surge for these coastal residents. Downed power lines and broken telephone polls left hundreds in the dark with no communication.

Utility crews worked feverishly to fix the problem, but even they are growing tired of answering calls, but it's not too much for some residents who say this deadly hurricane season can't rattle them. Some folks were barely bothered by Jeanne, but that wasn't the case for those shrimp boat owners who truly thought the storm wouldn't affect them at all.

The commercial fishermen have taken a financial beating from all these storms. Many of them haven't been able to get on the water at all this month due to rough seas.