Boil Water Advisory Issued for City of Pavo

It’s a storm that emergency officials say left more of a mess than Frances. Most roads have been cleared from trees that caused road closures Monday morning, but still hundreds of residents in Thomas County remain without power.

Uprooted trees put the strength of Jeanne's winds into perspective.

Chris Jones, director of Thomas County EMS, says, "We have somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 roads blocked throughout the evening."

Jones says areas of east Thomas County like the city of Pavo got the least amount of mercy from the storm.

Mary Adams, a storm victim, says, "I decided to stay home after they told me to leave. Since the last one didn't come this way, I said this was not going to be that bad."

Adams was proved wrong. This monstrous tree toppled down in her yard. Adams was shaken up, but grateful because it barely missed her home.

Adams says, "It crushed both my cars, I hate that. I miss my poor car and loved that truck."

It may be Tuesday before electricity is restored in parts of Thomas County, and as if that's not enough, around 1:00 Monday the backup generator for Pavo's water plant shut down, forcing folks to ration out their water supply.

Bob Miller, Pavo City Councilman, says, "We don't know how soon Georgia Power is going to get out here to us back. We’re least trying to give the citizens water. That'll be one luxury they'll have, they won't have anything else."

Jones says, "We've been fortunate so far. We have not had any reported injuries or deaths due to the weather."

Now, folks are just asked to remain patient as crews work to get things back to normal. Pavo's water plant is now operating, but officials still urge residents to use the water sparingly to allow the tank at the plant time to fill back up.

Officials say people need to boil any water used for drinking until further notice. Bottled water will be available for citizens Tuesday at noon at City Hall. The water is being brought down from north Georgia.